Livescan fingerprinting, a contemporary approach to capturing and transmitting fingerprints digitally, has replaced traditional ink and paper methods. Widely utilized for background checks, it's particularly essential for financial services professionals seeking registration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

To secure FINRA registration, individuals must undergo a criminal background check, typically involving Livescan fingerprinting. This entails electronic fingerprinting by a trained technician, who employs a scanner to capture digital prints. These prints are securely transmitted to relevant authorities for processing. Covenant Lab Services in Tampa, Florida, offers Livescan fingerprinting alongside background check and drug testing services. Whether for FINRA or other purposes, we provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective fingerprinting services, administered by seasoned professionals in a welcoming setting.

For Livescan fingerprinting or other background check needs in Tampa, Florida, reach out to Covenant Lab Services today. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert staff, we ensure all your fingerprinting and screening requirements are met. Schedule an appointment HERE. Trust Covenant Lab Services to swiftly and effectively deliver the results you need for FINRA registration or any background check, enabling you to proceed with confidence.

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