Livescan Fingerprinting - ORI# FL920010Z - Real Estate

Livescan Fingerprinting - ORI# FL920010Z - Real Estate

Livescan Fingerprinting - ORI# FL920010Z - Real Estate

In compliance with the requirements of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), all real estate license applicants must undergo a fingerprint-based background check. This crucial step ensures that applicants meet the necessary criteria and are fit to serve as real estate agents.

When you choose Covenant Lab Services in Tampa, Hillsborough County, for your fingerprinting needs, simply provide your name, date of birth, and Social Security number. Additionally, ensure you have the FDLE ORI number for real estate license applicants, which is FL920010Z.

Our skilled technician will utilize advanced scanner technology to capture your fingerprints digitally. These digital images are then promptly transmitted to the FDLE for processing and background check.

Typically, the FDLE completes the background check within three to five business days. Once finalized, the results are forwarded to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for review.

Upon receiving clear background check results, the DBPR proceeds to issue your real estate license. However, in cases where the results are unclear, the DBPR may request additional information or, in some instances, deny the application.

For any inquiries regarding the FDLE fingerprinting process, feel free to reach out to the FDLE directly at (850) 488-7100.

At Covenant Lab Services, we offer:

  • Quick and straightforward process
  • Direct transmission of digital fingerprints to the FDLE
  • Results typically available within three to five business days
  • Convenient appointment scheduling or walk-in options

If you're a real estate license applicant in Florida, ensure a seamless process by booking your appointment with us now!

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