Capture and Archive

Capture and Archive

Capture and Archive

Livescan fingerprint archiving, a digital fingerprinting process, captures and stores electronic fingerprint images. Widely utilized across industries for background checks, employment screening, and security, it offers several advantages.

Reasons to opt for Livescan fingerprint archiving:

  1. Fast and efficient: Livescan fingerprinting swiftly captures and stores electronic fingerprints.
  2. Accuracy: Provides highly accurate results, reducing errors common in ink-based fingerprinting.
  3. Convenience: No messy ink or drying time; the process is clean and hassle-free.
  4. Compliance: Many industries mandate Livescan fingerprinting to meet regulatory requirements; Covenant Lab Services ensures compliance.
  5. Security: Enhances security and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information or facilities.

For dependable Livescan fingerprinting services in Tampa, Florida, select Covenant Lab Services. Our seasoned professionals guarantee accurate and prompt results. Schedule your appointment today to experience the Covenant Lab Services difference. Our Livescan fingerprinting services facilitate compliance, bolster security, and streamline record-keeping.

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