DNA Paternity Testing - Legal

DNA Paternity Testing - Legal

DNA Paternity Testing - Legal

Need court-admissible DNA proof of paternity?

Our Legal Paternity DNA Test, powered by NX1 Advanced DNA Processing, provides the fastest and most accurate results available. This test is ideal for establishing paternity for legal purposes such as child custody, child support, inheritance rights, and more.

Here's what sets our Legal Paternity DNA Test apart:

  • Court-Admissible Results: Our tests are processed by an AABB accredited laboratory, ensuring they meet the strictest legal standards for admissibility in court.
  • Fast & Accurate: Get results in just 1-2 business days with NX1 processing and 24-marker testing for the highest level of accuracy - all with zero rush fees.
  • Experienced DNA Collection: Visit our office or we can come to you for an additional fee.
  • Peace of Mind: Our commitment to quality and accuracy ensures you receive reliable results you can trust.

Contact us today by filling out the form below or calling (813) 449-0997 to order your Legal Paternity DNA Test and get the fast, accurate answers you need.

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